To help you get back on your feet we stock a wide range of foot care products and can order in anything we don’t have. Below is a selection of our in-stock products.

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Bunion Aligner

The Infracare Bunion Aligner is designed for in-shoe day use. It provides a gentle re-alignment force to correct mild to moderate bunions when worn daily and combined with muscle strengthening exercises.

Cambrian Sandals

Body and Sole stocks a variety of Cambrian sandals for sports or casual wear. The sandal can be worn with the contoured foot-bed, or the foot-bed can be removed to insert custom foot orthotics.

Available in several styles and colours for men and women and also availablein wide widths


Cambrian Ultra

The new Ultra walking shoe from Cambrian has been specifically designed for unsurpassed comfort, support and stability. Available in distinct width fittings and extra depth roominess, the Ultra features special integrated highly functional technologies that provide a unique combination of cushioning and support in a neutral platform created for extended wear.

It’s the perfect shoe for most therapeutic applications as well as everyday use whether that’s fitness walking or staying comfortable at work. Cambrian is a Canadian company that has been designing advanced footwear with Canada’s Certified Pedorthists since 1995.

Clean Sweep Shoe Spray

Do your shoes or orthotics get stinky after a while? Clean Sweep spray is a great preventive, it kills the bacteria and fungus which can cause odour in fibres and fabrics. Used once a week for 6 weeks you will then have several months of fresher smelling shoes!


Compression Wear

Whether you need compression wear for travel, for work, during pregnancy or because of heavy legs due to varicose veins, our certified compression fitter can measure you and show you a range of compression wear styles right for you.

Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Custom made foot orthotics are prescribed and fitted to each individual. A 3-dimensional foot impression is taken and sent with the Chiropodist’s prescription to an accredited lab for manufacture. The type of orthotic prescribed will depend on the individual’s foot structure, walking pattern, weight, activities and footwear.

Custom Made Foot Orthotics are a medical device and are covered by many health insurance plans.


Darco Plantar Fascia Sleeve

The Darco sleeve is a compression sleeve designed for day-time use to reduce pain and swelling from plantar fasciitis or arch strain.

Available in 4 sizes.

Diabetes-Friendly Relaxed Fit Socks

Our luxurious Sockwell relaxed-fit socks are gentle fit, with a smooth toe closure, suitable for people with diabetes and people with sensitive toes, or prone to ankle swelling.

Available in several styles and colours in men’s and women’s sizes.


Foot Creams and Skin Care

Whether your feet are extra dry or very sweaty, we have a skin care product for you. Ask our staff which product is right for your foot type.

Inteligel Foot Comfort Products

Body and Sole carries a wide range of gel products from toe splints to ankle protectors. If we don’t have what you need we can order in!


Spenco Sandals

A great easy-wear sandal with arch support for use around the pool, at the beach or as a slipper indoors.

Available in slides or thong-style for men and women

Strassburg Sock – Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

The Strassburg Sock offers a gentle stretch and light compression for the plantar fascia while you sleep. Helps alleviate morning heel pain.

Sized according to calf circumference.

Other styles of night splints are also available to order.


Superfeet Insoles

A great off-the-shelf arch support insole in a range of styles and thicknesses to suit every footwear need. The Yellow and Carbon Superfeet are particularly great for skates. The DMP are more cushioned and designed for people with diabetes and the Copper are recommended for work boots and for people with sweaty feet. The Green are designed to wear in extra-width footwear. Ask our staff which one is right for you.

Available in Men’s and Women’s and in full length or 3/4 styles.